Pool Table Moving Services in British Columbia and Canada-wide

A. Breton Relocations is certified by Snooker Canada to dismantle, transport, recondition and reassemble pool tables. As one of Canada’s most trusted long distance movers, we offer full service across Canada moving services.

If you’re worried about the transport of your pool table, do not worry. Many people are concerned about the moving of such a large item. Our services will help keep your table safe and will ensure that when it’s moved to your new home, it’s assembled to your satisfaction and ready for fun and games again.

Could you move the pool table on your own? Technically yes but given the weight and the awkward sizing of the item it’s recommended to hire a professional service.

As an added bonus, A. Breton’s services will also recondition your pool table upon delivery, including the cleaning and polishing of the table parts.