Cross Country Relocation Services

If you are like us, you love your ride! A. Breton’s Adam Breton is a proud owner of a Classic Indian Chief motorcycle and has many miles/years under his belt riding and handling these beautiful machines.

Whether you are wondering how to ship your motorcycle alongside your household goods or planning a move across Canada, we cater to many different scenarios.

All bikes are four point tied down, blocked then covered to secure them from being touched or moving. Our motorcycle shipping is an enclosed service and fully insured.

We encourage all of our new clients to check out the photo gallery of our rig and motorcycle loading.

Our goal is to go above and beyond your moving expectations, blanket wrapping every piece of furniture in your residence – protecting each item for transit. All flooring areas of your residence will be safe from soiling and damage with our durable floor runners. Mattresses will be placed into thick plastic bags and all upholstery will be wrapped with plastic wrap and furniture blankets.

Our crew will disassemble and reassemble basic items like beds, dining table legs and dresser mirrors. We will make an itemized list of each and every item in your residence, placing a color coded numerical sticker on items ensuring not one piece is misplaced.

If sharing the truck with other clients we have 8 colours of stickers as well as plywood walls to keep all belongings separate. Our crew will load up your belongings, drive them to the new destination and unload without ever transferring items to another truck.

Once we arrive at your new residence we provide an inventory check off sheet helping you cross check all the items and confirming all items have been received. As we unload the truck we will place every item in the exact location you desire and reassemble all items we have taken apart.

Let’s be honest; you’re not just looking for the cheapest way to move furniture across Canada or provinces, you’re looking for a reliable, hand-picked crew of superior house movers, in full uniform, with great personalities who will lead the way to a smooth and stress free relocation experience.

When preparing for a big move across Canada, leave it to us to make packing easy. A. Breton wants you to have the proper materials for safe transport. We offer every client a $150 credit to purchase the appropriate boxes, paper and tape to properly secure your belongings. We also plastic bag your beds and pack your TVs safely and securely for you at no additional charge.

For those who are wanting full insurance coverage, we can pack all of your fragile items at a reasonable rate. Since we can only cover damages for items packed by professionals like us, do yourself a favour and have us pack all of your precious items knowing they will be transported safely plus fully insured. Please contact us for a quote on our full or fragile packing services.

Preparing for a long distance move? A. Breton Relocations provides trusted pool table disassembly and moving services certified by Snooker Canada.

Our services will help keep your table safe and will ensure that when it’s moved to your new home, it’s assembled to your satisfaction and ready for fun and games again.

Contact us today and put your valued table in our capable hands.

Mobile storage is easy and stress-free. Our mobile storage solutions allow homeowners to move at a pace that works for them and maintain some normalcy during the always challenging moving process.