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What Items can you NOT ship?

Non-Admissible Items - Household goods carriers are prohibited by law from transporting the following goods:

Explosives: NO BBQ TANKS, Ammunition including, bullets, shotgun shells, etc., railroad or road flares, fireworks, detonators, blasting caps, etc.

Gases: any gases under pressure or liquefied, propane, quick start, oxygen, acetylene, helium, household or industrial fuel, paint cleaner, butane lighters, propane tanks, etc.

Oxidizers: NO BLEACH, disinfectants, organic peroxides, fertilizers, pool chemicals, hair bleach, chlorine in any form, etc.

Flammable Solids: NO matches, fuel tablets, barbecue starter pellets, hay or straw, wood chips, etc.

Liquids: ALL Admissible liquids must be inside of clear plastic Rubbermaid Tote bins for shipping. Example (vinegar, olive oils)

Flammable Liquids: gas, cleaning fluid, lighter fluids, paint, paint thinners, barbecue starter, glues, resins, kerosene, naphtha, acetone, alcohol, lamp oil, etc.

Corrosives: oven cleaner, toilet cleaners, liquid plumber, drain cleaner, household cleaners, lye, acids (sulfuric, hydrochloric, nitric muriatic), car, etc.

Poisons: pesticides, herbicides, cygon, fumigants, wood preservatives, creosote, photographic chemicals, etc.

Items subject to spontaneous combustion: oily rags, charcoal, etc.

Can we ship kitchen liquids like olive oils and vinegar?

We can ship all Admissible non hazardous liquids, they should be placed inside of CLEAR PLASTIC TOTE BINS.

Can I leave items in my dresser drawers?

Yes, please leave only clothes, linens and pillows inside of dresser drawers.

How do I properly secure my boxes for transport?

We encourage all of our customers to purchase the proper moving boxes, paper and tape utilizing our $150 CREDIT FOR MOVING SUPPLIES. Make sure Both the Tops and Bottoms are Closed and secured with tape.

We have IKEA furniture, how does this get transported?

Due to the soft particle board fibre composition of IKEA furniture, it can only travel in its original state, DISASSEMBLED. Our crew can assist you with the disassembly and reassembly for an hourly fee.

How do I pack my mattresses?

We will provide thick plastic bags and pack up the mattresses for you at no charge!

How do I pack my Flat screen TV as I don't have the original box?

No worries we have the proper boxes with us and will pack your Flat screen TV's for you at no charge!

Do I share the truck with other families? How are my items accounted for and kept separate?

Most likely there will be multiple shipments on the truck. However, every item in your residence will be itemized with colour coded stickers and a full list will be made. Shipments are kept separate by load bars and plywood making walls between loads.

What is the typical transit time for shipping my goods?

Our usual transit time for a Cross Canada move would be 7-14 days. All depending on Origin and Destination locations.

How do we ship our vehicles?

A. Breton Relocations transports household goods and motorcycles inside our enclosed trailer. For automobile shipping we can recommend a reliable carrier.

Is my shipment covered for loss and/or damages?

Yes Fully covered! We offer Replacement Value protection.

Everyone wants the peace of mind that full protection offers. Replacement Value Protection is maximum coverage at an affordable price. Replacement Value Protection simply means that if the damaged household item cannot be repaired to its original condition it will be replaced with a new one of like kind and quality at today's market price. This protection is limited only by the amount of valuation you select. It is important, therefore, that you recognize and establish the realistic replacement value of all your possessions.

Our only requirement is that your shipment be protected at minimum coverage of not less than $5.00 per pound of the actual weight of your household possessions.

For example, if the actual total weight of your household items is 10,000 pounds, you must apply replacement cost coverage of not less than $50,000. (10,000 pounds X $5.00/lb.)

Our company will not ship or be held liable for Jewellery and Personal safes with contents. We recommend all high value items remain in the clients possession.

Full Replacement Value coverage is included on every quote.

For clarification or any other questions please contact Dana Breton.
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